New Community Sculptures installed


After several months of development and work in the studios the new sculptures are now installed amongst the newly planted trees in Cuningar Loop. Steven Milligan and Robert Kennedy from the Dalmarnock community were on hand to install their urban inspired deer sculptures in new the park.

deer sculpture-rob mulholland -cuningar loop 2

Cuningar Deer Sculpture - web3.jpg

cuningar loop - rob mulholland5


Community Skills workshops

March to June 2015

With direct support from Forestry Commission Scotland the Community Skills Workshops have commenced. Three volunteers, Steven Milligan, Lauren Hunter and Robert Kennedy have started work developing ideas for art interventions in the park. Initially we experimented with various drawing techniques that would could be used for making sculptures. The trainees practised transferring their drawings into sculptural shapes. The example below illustrates how we used shaped metal rods to mimic the pictorial images.

cuningar loop - rob mulholland8

This is a really import aspect of the project and has offered the trainees the opportunity to develop the ideas from the design stage to completed sculpture.

cuningar loop - rob mulholland 1

After several design meetings the group decided to focus their ideas based on the indigenous wildlife already living in the park.


cuningar loop - rob mulholland12

Research visit to Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow

Twag’s Focus Group – Bridgeton

The Twag’s group in Bridgeton have been a fantastic help, allowing me an insight into the local community. They have helped research ideas and assisted in the development of the themes for the art interventions for the new park. Several important concepts emerged from our meetings, how the area has changed over the years, the loss of street names which were once familiar. The past industries that were located in this part of Glasgow. We thought of how best these could be included into the art interventions.

The process will continue into 2015 with direct involvement from volunteers to create three way marker sculptures, each one representing each community with imaginary and written memories of the area including some of the old street names that have long gone.

18a-TempletonsBridgeton Centre602-001721.Twags group

Bridgeton Centre – Sculpture workshop – recycling plastic bottles

Bridgeton Community Centre

Having found so many interesting old bottles and bric a brak on the surface of Cuningar Loop I thought that it would be interesting to develop some temporary installations made from discarded plastic bottles. The aim is to hold summer workshops in 2015 in the park and allow local groups to make site specific installations with bottles collected in the community. We wanted to experiment first, so with this in mind we had a really interesting evening at Bridgeton Community Centre developing the process and skills to make the installations.

Youth group workshop 1  WP_001599


Visit to Glasgow Sculpture Studios

May 2014

A really import aspect of the art interventions at Cuningar Loop is to involve as many local people in the creative process to develop the artwork for the park. There will be an opportunity to develop skills  through workshops and for volunteers from the community to help build the main sculptures for the park. The first stage was to introduce Robert Kennedy, a key youth worker in Dalmarnock and Brideton to facilites at the Sculpture Studios. Robert will be very involved throughout 2015 as the project develops.



Cuningar Loop workshop

Spring 2014

A really fun and productive workshop at  Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre. Following on from discussions about the fauna and flora found at Cuningar Loop, we decided to focus on creating representations of some of the wildlife. The examples were taken outside and photographed in the surroundings of the housing estate, drawing a parallel with the daily interaction of the wildlife at Cuningar Loop with it’s urban surroundings.

Art-Workshop---Whitlawburn- Diane's-Eagle Working-on-mirror-sculpture fox-images2fox-image